'Hen & Chicken Fern'

(Asplenium bulbeferum)

A graceful native fern that’s a great labour saver. Beautiful as well as very useful, Asplenium bulbiferum makes a striking cover plant for shady situations.

Growing Size: H 45cm

Water or Creek Fern

(Blechenum fluviatile)

Distinctive rosette – forming fern with an upright rizhome that increases to a colony. Pale bright green fronds 20 – 25 cm with rounded pinnules. Prefers a shady situation that is slightly acidic. Prefers very moist soils.

Growing Size: H 40cm

Silver Fern

(Cyathea dealbata)

Probably the most well-known of the NZ Tree Fern due to its status as NZs national symbol. The fronds of this variety form a beautiful shuttlecock shape, turn silver on thier underside as they age and reach up to 4m in length.