Michelia Figo

Rounded evergreen shrub with small mid-green foliage. It is covered spring through summer by port wine scented ivory white flowers, with dark red-maroon petal margins. Hardy.

Evergreen Ash

(Fraxinus griffithii)

A small but quick growing evergreen tree originating in South East Asia producing dark green glossy leaves and grey bark with showy panicles of white flowers during spring. A thick growth habit makes this tree well suited for planting as a feature tree in a large garden. It is also excellent as a tall informal hedge around fence lines to screen for privacy.

HxW 5m x 3m

Star Jasmine

Woody stemmed, evergreen twining climber, with dark green foliage colouring to firey bronze-red in winter. From mid summer masses of pure white fragrant flowers are produced. Hardiness: Hardy.

Photinia Red Robin

An excellent hedging plant. Bright-red growth tips on a compact, lush green shrub. Small white flowers in spring. New Zealand bred cultivar. Tolerant of a wide range of well drained sites. Evergreen. Hardy.

HxW 5 x 5m

Prunus 'Falling Snow'

Graceful,slender tree with tiered arching branches immersed in small single pale pink-white flowers arising from pink buds. Mid season blossoming. Prefers deeply worked soil with good drainage. Plant in sheltered area to prevent flower damage. WEEPER


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