Humate Liquid Fertilizer 1Ltr

$22.50 each

Humate Organic Liquid Compost 1Ltr

$20.50 each

Naturally Neem Sea-Hume Granules

$24.50 each

Naturally Neem Insecticide 200ml

$26.50 each

Humate Ultra Concentrated Compost 15kg

$26.50 each

Fiber Earth Garden Mix Plus 75L Compressed

$29 each

Revital Outdoor Potting Mix 30L

$15 each

Revital Grow-All 30L

Worm Castings + Compost $15 each

Gypsum Clay Breaker 8kg

$16.50 each

Daltons Fert Pallets 20Kg


Palm Special Fertiliser 2kg

$34 each

Super Iron Topdress 2kg

$35 each

Tribon 2kg

$37 each


Instant Effect Garden Nursery

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Our retail shop is now closed! We are in the process of moving, please call for any plant inquires.

Instant Effect Garden Nursery
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Papamoa New Zealand