Cast Iron Wok & Stand

Hand Made in Vietnam. Great fire pit for the perfect evening gathering!

1m, 1.1m or 1.2m

Dairy Can Set of 2

Small- 29x24cm

Large- 46x35cm

Dimple Jar Copper

HxW 87cmx70cm

Dimple Jar Saphire

HxW 87cmx70cm

Dimple Jar Blue Cloud

HxW 87cmx70cm

Citrus Cylinders

Small 20cm x 30cm

Medium 30cm x 40cm

Large  40cm x 52cm

Dairy Jug Copper

Height 50cm

Happy Budda

Height 56cm

Roman Jar Coral Blue

Small 95cm

Medium 110cm

Large 120cm

Esteras Heerle

HxW 39cm x 49cm

Shaver Base Planter

HxW 50cm x 50cm


HxW 40cm x 90cm

Easter Island Head Large

HxW 1m x 47cm

Perfume Jar

HxW 80cm

Ribbed Planter Set of 3